Darius Zahedi

Technical Writer / Instructional Designer
Orange County, CA

I am presently a technical writer, a course developer, and an instructional designer. Prior to this, I worked as a software developer and an IT consultant / trainer for over 20 years. In 2007, I was asked to rebuild the official website for the College of Science & Mathematics, California State University (Northridge), to meet the Section 508 Accessibility requirements. For the main page, I made a banner based on the fact that the main focus had to be on the Biology and Mathematics departments.

CSUN - CSM Main Webpage Banner (2007-2013)
980 x 176
jpg using CorelDraw, Photoshop, Fireworks

In the banner, I introduced the concept of Evolution as commonly shared by most biologists, as well as the Roger Penrose's probability formula 10 ^ 10 ^ 123 to 1, to reflect the two opposing scientific views.

Other elements in the banner are relative to the location (usually hot) and the fact that CSU Northridge is called CSUN.