Rosanna Casalnuovo

Digital artist
I'm a digital artist who likes to explore the connections between computing and art, design and architecture. My interests are focused in computer graphics and in the influences of geometry and color in the art, design and architecture.
Abstract W | Cube City Nr3
Rosanna Casalnuovo
Abstract W - Cube City Nr3
The linear city

Third video of "Abstract W | Cube City": an art project where converge math, programming and video art and a series of abstract videos realized with generative code and inspired by the urban morphology.
Each video is suggested by an archetype of city and by the trasformation of the city in the time. The cube is the metaphorical image of the building and the complex process of urban growth is represented by a recursion of three cubes that create a type-structure of the city with its different characteristics of development.
In the video “Abstract W | Cube City Nr3” it's symbolized the linear city: a city that grows along a main direction.