Zala Films

Oakland, California, USA
At Zala Films I specialize in the production of documentaries. Many of these are about mathematicians and their discoveries. While most are feature length biopics, in recent years, I have worked on several short collaborations with the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, with Gathering 4 Gardner, and with independent mathematicians.
Harmonic Pendulum -- Gary Foshee
Gary Foshee, and G4G
Gary Foshee shows off the harmonic pendulum he built, and explains how it works and what the challenges of construction were. This is one of the more hypnotic pieces from the 2014 Gathering 4 Gardner in Atlanta, Georgia.
Making Stars
Scott Kim, Karl Schaffer, Laurel Shastri peerform,, Nancy Blachman, cinematogaphy by Skip Sweeney, edited by Tal Skloot
Karl Schaffer designed a way to make a series of polyhedra using string and three human bodies. Using three people, the piece is a very simple lesson in geometry, showing how one shape can transform into another.