Zoran Scekic

Artist, Composer, Innovator
Croatian Association of Microtonal Art
Zagreb, Croatia
Some years ago I’ve started to explore the world of Just intonation after a simple question that has occurred to me: “If we change the sides of some specific geometrical shape (right triangle etc.) with piano or guitar strings, what kind of chord could be heard? Since that time I’ve been exploring characteristics and restrictions of natural intervals, described in the book ‘Five limit intervals – theory & praxis’.
For further exploring and composing music in Just intonation, I’ve constructed prototype of microtonal keyboard and harmonograph and I've wrote a series of pieces for solo piano in Just intonation.
Last four years I’m working on multimedia project "Panmonism" focused on objective connection between art and science.
Introduction to Panmonism
storyboard and director: Zoran Scekic, animation: Marko Ivezic, sound design: Kristijan Funaric, production: Croatian Association of Microtonal Art
Short animated movie "Introduction to Panmonism" is aiming to expose identical principles of music and mathematics employing different perceptions of the same phenomena in terms of intonations, frequencies, Lissajous curves and lengths of the musical strings.