Carmen Ionescu

Bruxelles, Belgium
I always loved creating objects, especially geometric ones. As I am not a "real" artist with a "real" studio, jewelery seemed a good choice, as you can make it on the corner of a table, and crocheting is even possible during travels.
One day I tried to grow crochet stiches in an exponential way and I obtained a leaf!! Then I decreased the stiches in the same way, and I got a shell! The next moment my house was filled with wire and metallised yarn, and crocheted shapes reminiscent of ocean or terrestrial life.
Another day, I had the chance to experiment with a shape generator, and I started to interlock polygons in all kind of materials and colours. Here I show just a few results.

Polyhedral earrings and necklaces
20 x 20 x 3 cm
Paper, plastic, metal
The "Platonic earrings" are made from small die cut triangles, squares and pentagons.
The materials are plastic and autoadhesive vinyl. The pieces are not glued together; they are connected by notches.
Earrings and necklace
20 x 20 x 3 cm
Paper, plastic, metal
The necklace pattern is based on powers of two. The vintage Majorca pearls are of random size, separated by seed beads in Fibonacci sequence .
Even though so simple, I am amazed each time that small variations of material or technique give a different result each time, but always create shapes from nature. Are mathematical formulas the alphabet of nature?
Exponential earrings
3 x 3 x 3 cm
Crocheted nylon coated wire and pearls
The pattern for the golden earrings uses powers of two on one side and powers of three on the other.