Erik Brisson

Research Scientist
Boston University
Somerville, MA

Erik Brisson develops processes for production of form, pattern, and texture, in pursuit of the mysterious at the intersection of art and mathematics. Abstract images composed of mathematically defined shapes are created using computer programs written by the artist specifically for that purpose. Variations in the images are obtained by making changes to the algorithms and parameters in the computer code. Recent work has incorporated found images, juxtaposing contrasting color palettes, subject matter, and temporal contexts. The back-and-forth between tool creation and application gives rise to an exploration of new visual spaces and serendipitous surprises. The results are rendered as drawings, mixed media objects, or digital prints.

curve (flight 1)
43 x 28 cm
Archival print

An exploration of level sets and Voronoi diagrams.

metamorphosis var 3
5 x 43 cm
Archival print

Sequence of level sets gives evolution of shape.