Louis Markoya

Bethel, CT

Louis Markoya started his art career working for Salvador Dali in 1970 in New York. Working with Dali he was exposed to many different types of fine art, and their creation. Since working with Dali Louis has worked in the technical field of Semiconductors, where he holds over 30 patents related to semiconductor lithography (the process that puts patterns on silicon that eventually become the chips that run our computers and phones,). A few years ago Louis was struck by the advent, or invention of the 3D fractals, this was the catalyst to send him back into the creative world and the continuity of his, and Dali's, art. A perfect blend of the technical world and the art world delivers works in 2D and 3D unlike any before yet still classical.

Basket of Bread, Just Under the Crust
50 x 60 cm
Oil on Canvas

"Basket of Bread, Just Under the Crust" brings to light all that lies below the surface of the 1940 Salvador Dali original. All the geometric, mathematical, explosive, fluid and fractal aspects of the seemingly serene scene are made evident in this expose' to the masses, where all that is invisible to the human eye, is imaged in fractals. The invisable fractal movement of air is actually a Mobius Dragon IFS, while the table is fashioned with a menger sponge. The basket takes a euclidian solid and turns it fractal and the bread itself is a 3 dimensional fractal.

3 Dimensional Fractal Chess Set with Menger SPonge based Lenticular Board
15 x 60 x 60 cm
3D printed 3d Fractal pieces, Lenticular Menger 3d board

The 3D fractal Chess set is an amazing display of mathematical design and technology. Utilizing the very latest 3D fractal software Voxel sets were created to define each chess pieces which went through several processes to make into a printable object. Many variations of coloring and iterations on a menger sponge became the design for the board which was then printed in 3D lenticular to appear as if the squares make steps down into the table it rests on. To finish it off it was fitted with a custom LED lightbox to illuminate the board from underneath, maximizing the color and depth of the effect. The work requires more photo's to be appreciated as this shot through an acrylic case does not do all it offers justice

"Raphael's Plato, Posing as Euclid, Angel of Geometry"
50 x 50 cm
Oil on Canvas

Here Plato as Euclid stands in front of the visible and invisible fractal geometry of the air and landscape. Euclid's solids are mathematically explained and take the form of the geometry of air in this painting, forming angelic wings of fractals and clouds around him. Plato was to Euclid as Euclid was to Mandelbrot. This picture pays homage to them all, in a scene that happens in the invisable geometry of air, at every moment.