Mary Wahr

Manistee MI, USA

I am an experimental artist. My work is inspired by fractals. Each piece of art is original and unique and begins with paint pressed between two surfaces. When those surfaces are separated a fractal bifurcating image is created. These images are then enhanced through the removal of paint and the enhancement of dimensions by applying paint and colored pencil. Most pieces are 20 x 26 inches and created on Yupo, a synthetic paper. I began this work while receiving my Masters in Art Education. My thesis was, 'The Art of Fractals for the Mathematically Challenged'.

Although mathematically challenged, I understand the concepts of what creates a fractal and use my art to bring this knowledge to the public. Art is a gateway.

Palm Leaves
26 x 20 cm
gouache and colored pencil

This pieces was created by inserting bamboo skewers in between the paper and the printing surface. This created a different kind of fractal pattern when the surfaces were separated. Once the print is pulled it is enhanced using colored pencil. This brings out the depth in the piece.

Warm Colors
20 x 26 cm
gouache and colored pencil

This print is a good example of how the paint wants to create a fractal pattern when the surfaces of paper and printing plate are separated. There are many shapes that are self similar and building upon themselves to create a fractal. If there were enough paper and time they would each into infinity.