Marcus Kantz

Retired Engineer, now Artist
Elmira, New York, USA

Geometric figures provide limitless opportunities to attract the eye and engage the mind. This is especially true as related figures are presented together or are modified unexpectedly. By utilizing well-known Math relationships (equal areas, “Golden”ness, etc.) the artist can challenge the viewer to bring the Math into their conscious thoughts. Also, by introducing audience participation explicitly into an otherwise stagnant 2D work, the artist may bring additional understanding of seemingly canonical dictum. Most importantly, by presenting simple geometric shapes in special ways the artist can bring about “ah-ha or “oh-my” moments for the viewers.

Golden Rectangle at 30 Degree Angle (?)
33 x 48 cm
Print on Paper, Framed, with 2 small levels glued to front glass

The Ancient Greeks and many others to this day consider the Golden Rectangle to be the most pleasing of geometric shapes. Taking this on face value, I created this work with a Golden Rectangle image in the middle of a Golden Rectangle frame, but at an angle. But how should it be hung? In the standard way, with the frame level and the image at an angle, or the opposite? In a limited study, almost all of the men chose to hang the picture in the traditional manner, while every single woman chose the opposite, with the image level. The submitted work will accommodate hanging either way (with guiding plastic levels attached), leaving the jurors to choose. What's YOUR preference?

Triangle with ⅓ Center Squirt Spawning ⅓ Squirt, Full Triangle and Circle
28 x 48 cm
Black and White Print on Paper

Reading from left to right, starting with an equilateral triangle, dividing it into thirds and then “Squirting” the center third out the bottom, provides an interesting examination of the relationship among the resulting equal area squirts produced below the three original triangles. As the bottommost Squirt moves downward out of the original triangle, it retains in its original size and shape. The middle Squirt maintains its area but transforms into a full triangle itself. The topmost Squirt converts (improbably, perhaps) into an equal area circle. A viewer from a culture that reads from top to bottom or from right to left will, of course, sense the growths differently, but in a no less interesting way.

2 Sets of 68 Included Random Squares, For Comparison
48 x 28 cm
Color Print on Paper

Geometric Randomness within a fixed set of Rules can produce images that are both interesting and “emotional”. This work includes two sets of 68 Squares of Random Orientation, Size and Color contained, in a sense, within a Black Mother Square. In the upper example, the Centroid of each Daughter Square is randomly placed and oriented within the Mother Square, of any size up to the size of the Mother, producing an open and “comfortable” image. In the lower example, each Daughter Square is randomly placed and oriented, but entirely within the Mother, producing a much more claustrophobic image. The two stated Color Rules extenuate the difference. How do the 2 figures make you feel? Oh, and why 68? My age.