Hamp Stevens

Retired/ University of Georgia graduate
St. Simons Island, GA 31522
I am a Mathematical Artist and my specialty is Polyhedra. I work in wood, plastic, paper and metal. I enjoy the challenge of the precision with which the components of these objects must be fabricated. My work is an exercise in exactness.

Hamp Stevens
A Ribbon on Wood with Hyperbola
Wood, yellowheart, purpleheart, mahogny, bloodwood
A ribbon of wood. It is made from Truncated Cones. The cones consist of 7/8" thick rings of wood with the inside and outside angled at 45 deg. Each ring is cut so it stacks perfectly on top of the ring below it. The cones are assembled and put in a wood lathe and spun down to a uniform thickness and cone height. Each cone is sanded and finished. Then the cones are cut in half on a band saw. The resulting 1/2 truncated cones are assembled and joined together to form the ribbons. The hyperbolas result from laminating strips of wood laid out horizontally and then cut in circular rings. The inspiration for this work came from Malcomb Tibbetts book "Segmented Woodturning".