Hongtaek Hwang

Kumoh National Institute of Technology
Gumi, South Korea
We enjoy creative activities on the boundary between Mathematics and Art. Sometimes we create artwork by using geometric tube design.

The truncated icosahedron is one of the Archimedean solids, generalizations of Plato's regular solids. The soccer ball "Telstar" and the nano technology molecule model "Fullerene" are instantiations of it.
For a given regular pentagonal shape(RPS*), it is possible for us to image a creative transformation of the soccer ball Telstar derived from the truncated icosahedron(TI) by applying the TI formation scheme.
Eventually, through a series of geometric tube design experiments, we arrive at a model called the Archimedean star with respect to the RPS*.

An Extensive Star Harmony of Horizontality and Verticality
32 x 32 x 32 cm
Geometric Tube Design
This is a natural combination of two Archimedean stars which have horizontal and vertical double forms respectively.

Acknowledgement : This is a research result which had been established under the professor research year policy of Kumoh national institute of technology.