Marcella Giulia Lorenzi

Artist; Manager at University of Calabria press (Centro editoriale e librario)
University of Calabria
Rende, Italy

The word “Photography” comes from two Greek words, Photos (light) and Graphos

(writing, painting), so “drawing with the light”. Taking pictures needs some devices

and a particular process in Space and Time. According to Einstein the basic structure

of our world is SpaceTime and things exist in a spacetime continuum, a world of four

dimensions: height, width, depth and time. A generative process is usually referred to

as “setting in motion”. Motion is the essence of Life. Selecting

particular initial conditions, adding a fourth dimension and photographing motion by

means of randomised generative processes lead to very expressionistic

results. "Painting with light".

Dedicated to the memory of Prof. Mauro Francaviglia.

Love difference
Digital photography

Following chaotic motion in 4D, lightwaves form attractors in spacetime.

Venere Imperfetta (Imperfect Venus)
36*45 cm
Digital composition printed on forex

Beauty, represented by Venus, emerges from a matrix of waves, that gradually fade into a binary checkerbord pattern.

Electromagnetic waves and binary bits let the goddes emerge as an hologram.