Paisley Mackie

Artist and aspiring Mathematician
Old Snowmass, Colorado

To solve complicated problems whether they be mathematical, artistic, or in my case a combination of the two is something that I love.

My pieces take complex mathematical concepts and turn them into visually interesting wearable objects. After hearing a lecture on polytopes I was excited by their beauty and intricacies.

If nothing else I hope my work makes you curious about Polytopes!

Twisted Cubic
9 in x 2.5 in x .5 in
Silver and maple

The twisted cubic is the shape that spurred my first set of mathematically inspired jewelry. The concept was so beautiful when it was drawn on the board at a lecture, given by Andrew Wilfong, that I attempted to depict it in the form of wearable art. If you were to put 5 points on the twisted cubic curve and look at it in two dimensions you would see a shape very similar to the one above.

11 in x 1.25 in x 1 in
Silver and walnut

The hypercube! It was such a challenge to create an accurate representation of this shape. This piece is mobile (if only it was four dimensional) - the little cube in the center moves back and forth.