Sage Jenson

Oberlin College and Conservatory
Oberlin, OH, USA
I use technology to interpret real-world phenomena, from a simple particle system to the multi-dimensional movement of a dancer. The process is analogous to that of photography: capture and develop. My starting point is the the spatial and kinetic elements of these phenomena. I use sensors and physics models to represent this information in the computer, and then digitally transform the source material into a final product. This development, the translation from raw information to final product, reveals unique qualities of the composer, performer, instrument, or software executing the transformation while maintaining a core gesture or shape. In this way, a single source element can be realized in an infinite number of ways, where each interpretation describes a facet of the complex source material. I’ve worked with spatialized sound, projection mapping, live instrumental performance, dance, and video to create these alternate realities.
gestation (I and II)
Sage Jenson
The shapes that comprise the subject matter are created using the techniques described in "Organic Mesh Creation through Particle-Based Simulation", included in the proceedings of Bridges '16. Additional motion design in the video was done using character rigging and other (simpler) manipulations of the meshes.