David Chappell

Associate Professor of Physics
University of La Verne
La Verne, California, USA

This work is a meditation on organic form inspired by nature and abstracted into mathematical rules and algorithms. Rather than sketch the outward appearance of nature directly, I simulate “internal” dynamics to create generative renderings evocative of natural patterns. The resulting forms have delicate tendrils and fleshy structures that rhythmically flow together creating whimsically organic designs.

Untitled #1
25 x 25 cm
Archival Digital Print

I code mathematical rules to create computer-generated “drawings”. Each drawing is constructed through the action of a number of autonomous, line-drawing agents. The agents follow rules describing how lines branch, curve, and interact with one another. Because the agents evolve autonomously once they are set in motion, I never know exactly what the final drawing will look like. Many of the quirky elements of these drawings emerge spontaneously and unpredictably from the underlying mathematical rules. By modifying the rules, I can influence but never completely control the final design.

Untitled #3
25 x 25 cm
Archival Digital Print