christian schwarz

artist, designer
cabinet maker
Stuttgart, Germany

artist with a love to design pattern

nine pattern
59 x 59 x 1 cm
print on acryl glass

the simplest and most compact periodic arrangement of pentagons was described by Dürer.

if we connect the midpoints of these 6 pentagons we get a an elongated hexagon

( interior angels of 72°, 144°,144°, 72°, 144°, 144° ) which you can find in the medieval Islamic art

an arrangement of these hexagons is my “ faberge egg nr. 9 ”.

I show 8 pattern with this underlying structure.

migratory birds
35 x 60 x 1 cm
print on acryl glass

the covey of the migratory birds is still a secret.

the underlying structure in this artwork is " faberge egg nr. 9 "