Nedeljko Adzic

Bergamo Italia

I was inspired by the book "De Divine proportion," by Luca Pacioli, and I realized the polyhedra ilustred by Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci, Pacioli's friend and travel companion,drew around 1498 the polyhedra for the three manuscripts of the “ Divina Proportione” (one is in Milan,one in Geneva,while one given as a gift to the Gonfaloniero Florence,Soderini, seems to be lost).Those polyhedra was influenced by greece of the IV century BC,by the Platonic and Euclidean solids:among these,the dodecahedron was seen as an image of the universe in its entirety.The polyhedra represent both Renaissance elements of suprise and modern sculpture,highlighting the relevance of Leonardo and his artistic-intellectual context in the present time

60 x 60 x 60 cm

The Septuagint (from the Latin septuaginta, "seventy"

When Alexander the Great founded Alessandria, he had a great library of antiquities built, which also contained texts from the Old Testament. Many Jewish people who respected and practiced the Old Testament lived in that same city. The legend narrates that the fathers of the library decided to translate the Old Testament into Greek. They called six wise men from twelve different Israeli tribes and shut them in separate rooms. In seventy-two days each of them translated every text identically, as if they had been guided by the hand of God.

Troncated icosahedron (Futbal bool)
60 x 60 x 60 cm

In ancient times the Greek Philosopher and Mathematician Archimedes removed the outer corners from the Icosahedron , so creating a new polyhedron, “Icosahedron Truncated”. Inspired by Euclid, Platon and Archimedes, Leonardo da Vinci illustrated sixty polyhedrons for the book “Divina proportione” by Luca Pacioli. In the twentieth century, the Icosahedron Truncated was once again at the centre of attention, establishing itself for its beauty and simplicity, rather like a football, and in a short period of time it became an object which transmitted great emotion, at the same time uniting and bringing peace to people and populations.