Nick Mendler

Student of Mathematics
University of San Francisco
San Francisco

Work included revolves around the concept of self-similar segment spirals. Constructions wherein line segments are appended end to end, each a constant transform of its predecessor. This was inspired by research of self similar polygon progressions and some of the art represent this vestigial element to varying degrees.

Pentagon Nesting
20 x 25 cm
Digital (Python Script)

Textured presentation of the nesting of pentagons that originally inspired my formal investigation and submission to this conference. It features nesting rings of pentagons such that any two adjacent pentagons differ in size by a ratio of $\phi$. The distance from the base of any pentagon to the tilings epicenter is also $\phi$ times the height of that pentagon.

Nonagon Exposure
20 x 20 cm

A long exposure of sorts as a spiral progression of nonagons changes in ratio from 1 to 0, and implies an extrusion of space as layers are overlaid.