Charlene Morrow

Emerita Faculty Member, Psychology and Mathematics
Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA

I work mainly in the medium of modular origami. I am motivated to understand mathematical ideas by attempting to express these ideas in visual ways. I am deeply impressed by the ways that visually pleasing art often emerges through the process of trying to gain a deeper understanding of the mathematical ideas I set out to explore. I also find that new questions emerge as I look for ways to express my original questions. The dialectical process of mathematical question – visual expression – mathematical question engages my imagination and allows me to experience both the beauty and the power of mathematics.

Pentagon Tiling 15 and 3 Evolutions
40 x 40 cm
Print on paper

Colored tiling based on the newly discovered 15th tiling pentagon. The background is constructed to show the primitive 12-tile unit with an overlay to suggest one way to color the tiling so as to disguise the primitive unit. This first work serves as a departure point for exploring three variations. The first evolution uses the primitive unit, but laid out in a non-tiling format so as to create new areas between the units that, when considered themselves, constitute a complete tiling. A subsequent evolution is made with a new 12-tile "twist" unit that does not tile, but does produce a beautiful floral-like design. A third evolution is made by taking an interior space created in evolution two and creating a completely new design.