Daniel Raymond Chadwick

Scottsville, NY

I enjoy creating images that employ ideas from mathematical and philosophical sources. My drawings consist of continuous forms, impossible objects, and stretched spaces within which discovery of the content in a new way may lead to the wonder of curiosity.

The Schrodingers' Cats
48 x 63 cm
Mixed-media on paper

The Multiple Worlds of the Schrodingers’ Cats

Erwin Schrodinger’s wave equation prompted him to write a parable about the cat in a box with a radioactive decay triggered device. He commented that the cat was in a quantum state until one opened the box; i.e., neither alive nor dead. According to the Many-Worlds theory, however, when Schrodinger opens the box the world splits in two; in one world the cat is alive but in another world the cat is dead.

No cats were harmed in the production of this drawing.