Erika Balogh

Graphic Designer - Art Instructor
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Edinburg, Texas, USA


My bi-cultural background has greatly shaped my identity and influenced my artwork as well. When I moved to the United States, I left behind a traditional part of my life associated with my Hungarian heritage, my childhood memories, and my family. I entered into an utterly different culture; a more modern and eclectic society that completely changed my life. However, aspects of my Hungarian traditions continue to form my artwork and my self-presentation.

Through my artworks, I explore the power of colors and symbolism. The five-pointed star, the pentagram, is a well-recognized symbol all around the world. It has been used by many companies as a trademark or as a symbol on numerous national flags.

Never-never Land
50 x 40 cm
Digital Art

My research interest include social and economic disparity, exploitation, alienation, and exploring alternatives to capitalism. In this artwork the five-pointed star represents a utopian society. The red star is a well-recognized symbol of communism. This form of socioeconomic system is a brilliant ideology, however, in reality it seems impossible to organize society. Each pentagram inscribed in a pentagon represents an individual with distinctive characteristics as they come together to generate a greater whole – a unity. But there is no perfect unity, as it is not possible to form a tiling using pentagons.