Jing Zhou

Associate Professor of Art and Design
Monmouth Univeristy
West Long Branch, New Jersey, USA

As a Chinese artist living in the Western world, I am aware of art, literature, philosophy, and mythology from both cultures. Developing a personal visual language that expresses universal ideas, I create artworks for the stories and aesthetics of each project, and for making visible those concepts reflecting my personal experiences.

My artwork explores our common humanity, diverse society, and my inner voyage. Creating artwork required me to realize my nature, re-study my culture, and adapt new thinking, which resulted in a new perspective on life. It has challenged me to constantly solve visual problems, learn new techniques, and explore the splendid human heritage. My artistic creation is a process of deciphering my life journey.

Randomness {Ch'an Mind Zen Mind Digital Print Series}
45 x 30 cm
Digital Print on Paper

Inspired by the space-time uncertainty principle in String Theory and Quantum Mechanics, the symbolic elements in this image represent different energies: the earth, mankind, and this ever-changing universe.

As all life originates from water, the x-ray image of a spiral tun shell in this image signifies the earth and mother nature. The shell is mapped by mathematical patterns. Indicating human civilizations and irregularities of nature, hundreds of colorful random dots are actually part of the desert irrigation from the Middle East. Horizontally flowing cross the space, many crescent shapes symbolize the uncertain state of subatomic particles.