Mickey (Shaw) Hubbard

Everett, Washington USA

My inspirations are drawn from nature, mathematics and science. These inspirations are combined with my own experiences and emotions, creating a union between what is seen, what is known and what is felt internally. As an artist, my goal is to create for the viewer, visually, the concept that art, mathematics and science display a fundamental connection conveying the idea that all three encompass more than what can just be seen. I believe that art is an intrinsic aspect of all visual experiences and mathematics can provide a basis for understanding and recreating those same experiences.

Fractals in Symmetry of Fours
25 x 20 cm
Pen and ink drawing with computer colorization and enhancements.

Although not a mathematician, my love of things mathematical and geometrical has always found its way into my artwork, often planned, but sometimes unexpectedly. My long fascination with fractals brought me to creating some of my own with simple design compositions in pen and ink involving creating my own stencil units which are then revolved around a central point. In planning this design I used a simple symmetry of four, starting with four doubled, creating a base of eight points; then on to four squared for the interior design elements. The drawing was then scanned into my computer where I added color and a fractal background patterning. The final artwork provided a beautifully balanced symmetric fractal unit based on multiples of four.