Paul Watkins

Austin Peay State University
Clarksville, Tennessee, USA

I am currently an undergraduate student studying art and mathematics. Ten years ago, I was studying computer programming which easily led to a study of math. Years later, I was introduced to computer glitching as an art form. Today, I mostly do work in glitch art and gif animation, with a focus on internet culture and based on the relentless bombardment of input we experience in modern daily life. As I continue to study mathematics, my ideas are often heavily influenced by the math around us everywhere.

10 x 35 x 30 cm
Gypsum cement cast

While moving into my upper level undergraduate studies, knot theory has become an intriguing topic. This work is quite blatantly inspired by the images I've seen introduced early in the theory. I have sought to make ideas tangible and introduce knot theory to people typically uninterested in the math behind it by creating several knot works recently. After several attempts, I was able to construct this solid trefoil knot cast from a mix of plaster and cement.