Regina Bittencourt

IT Consultant and Art Student
Universidad Andres Bello
Santiago, Chile

As a computer programmer, Regina is always working with algorithms, logic and databases. This background provides her a never-ending supply of ideas for her artwork. Sometimes, doing her job she visualizes an image out of patterns that she sees on data bases she works with.

Regina is studying art to become a professional artist where she has surprised her community who didn't expect an artwork based on the combination of math and traditional art, since she only does Mathematical Art. This time her artwork is based on Modulus 11.

50 x 50 cm
Acrylics on canvas

A check digit is an authentication mechanism used to verify and validate the authenticity of a series of characters such as a single mistyped digit or a permutation of two successive digits, thus avoiding typing errors.

The last number of every Chilean id card is the check digit that is calculated using Modulus 11. Each digit in the base number is assigned a multiplication factor. The sum of the products is divided by 11. If the remainder is zero, the check digit is zero. For all others, the remainder is subtracted from 11. The result is the check digit.

The artist wrote this algorithm to render a color for the check digit. Starts with her id number and calculates the next 124 numbers. If it encounters a 10, it renders gold.