Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya

Artist, writer, philologist
Sydney, Australia

Chess is a game based on strict rules which allows billions of situations. For a long time, it inspired mathematicians, players and artists. I use 2D and 3D computer graphics in the search for intellectual wonder of perceiving a mathematical concept together with the aesthetic pleasure of viewing a beautiful image. The beauty of chess encouraged me to investigate possibilities of concave-convex surfaces, upside-down orientation, inner and outer space, color variations, fractals and so on. Here are some of these images.

Games playing games
26 x 30 cm
computer graphics

games play games play games play games

Red Queen
24 x 24 cm
computer graphics

The figures of this chess cube are simultaneously inside and outside it. They are puzzled enough preparing their moves. But who is the Red Queen playing for?