Anna Ursyn

University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO, USA

My computer graphics explorations serve as a point of departure for a series of prints or sculptures. I explore the dynamic factor of line.

Generative art results in precise images with perfect lines that follow premeditated transformations. I started working with computers by programming.

I could include color, shade, patterns, apply clipping algorithms, rotate and paste content into other images, zoom and transform. Then, photosilkscreen and photolithograph gave me a new level of color combinations.

Shrine of Knowledge
10 x 8 cm
wood and 3d print, as archival print

Platonic forms and Platonic shapes are juxtaposed with a model of the Universe created by Johannes Kepler, who used it to depict his vision of how the Universe could look like. This composition underlies the basic forms seen as divine forms by Plato.