Kento Nakamura

Meiji University
I am interested in visualization of fractals, especially Kleinian groups. Kleinian group theory is one of the fields of mathematics studying Möbius transformations. Visualized Kleinian groups frequently have a complicated and beautiful fractal structure, and they feast our eyes on the wonders.
Inversive Universe
Kento Nakamura
This film shows Circle Inversion Fractals. Nesting disks are transformed images of disks by iterations of the
circle inversions. The movement of the disks is synchronized with music.
In 19th-century, a German mathematician Felix Klein and his student drew this kind of figures by hand. Now, we can render them with a computer. I developed the fast rendering algorithm called Iterated Inversion System. Thanks to the algorithm, I could render such complicated fractals in real-time and explore them interactively.