Robert Bosch and Sage Jenson

Professor of Mathematics/Artist
Oberlin College and Conservatory
Oberlin, Ohio, USA

Robert Bosch: "The mathematician in me is fascinated by the various roles that constraints play in optimization problems: sometimes they make them much harder to solve; other times, much easier. And the artist in me is fascinated by the roles that constraints play in art. All artists must deal with constraints, and many artists choose to impose constraints upon themselves.

Sage Jenson: "I use technology to interpret real-world phenomena, from a simple particle system to the multi-dimensional movement of a dancer. The process is analogous to that of photography: capture and develop."

The knight tours the castle (parallel perspective)
300 x 300 x 3 cm
giclee print

A parallel perspective render of a 3D model of an almost 4-fold symmetric knight's tour of a standard chessboard. The heights of the turrets vary in accordance with their position on the tour.