Buddy James

Love is Watching
Fractal Branding, Detroit Michigan USA

The Dougherty Set represents foliations of higher dimensional space, but it is also among other things inner space. TDS is projective dynamic Geometry it is helical and toroidal/vortex based fractal plasma physics. Phi scaling implosive/explosively, using the inverse square and heterodyning phase conjugation, TDS is logarythmic scale invarient. It has promise in electrical engineering, homotopy type theory, Integrated Information theory, the field with one element, graphene and a plethora of other interconnected disciplines. The dielectric inertial plane is squeezed out of kissing spheres. The sequential images are inherent in The Dougherty Set, a geometry developed by myself based off of anomalies in the fields of science and mathematics.

The Blue Whirl- Taxonomy of opposed spiral vortices.
91 x 60 cm
Colored pencil ink

This is what I propose to be similar to the geometry of the Blue whirl discovered last year at the U-of Maryland. The blue interlaced vortices you see here are recursive, heterodying, nested, opposed spiral vortices OSV phireing laminar coherence. TDS holds promise in the scaffolding of information, as a cobordism the first iteration is the feedback loop. This fosters research in vortex based fluid dynamics it is also the language of mathematics with the origins of spherical stacking in fractal latices. The grandfather (OSV) is seen on the outer mode, inside there are two parent OSV, each parent OSV has grandchildren OSV all together composing 6 OSV foliations. Phi aero/fluid dynamics.

TDS- Electric Plasma Universe
91 x 60 cm
Colored Pencil and ink on paper.

The blue on the left might best be described by Dr. Donald B Scott "The bessel function model of a Birkeland current specifies that these currents are composed of hollow concentric counter rotating cylindrical sheets of current." Birkland currents are the planetary auroras, sheets of plasma in glow mode. I propose that atomically all matter uses this same operator. TDS is an all encompassing toroidal field aka the exponential field dilating toroids within toroids. Highlighted in red on the right side of the picture the caduceus can be projectively scaled inward or outward. The helical nature of reality can be stunningly simplistic and harmonically intuitive. Wave dynamics exposes many rooms. Dimension is implosive/explosive dielectrics.