Sarah Berube

Diametric Arts
Shutesbury, Massachusetts, USA

I started creating 3D printed mathematical art under the title Diametric Arts in October of 2015. My current inspiration is the satisfying sense of beauty and perfection evoked by the polyhedral symmetry groups. As part of my creative design process, I explore the properties of polyhedra through experimentation with 3D modeling software. I love learning about these fascinating figures while my ideas are taking shape. In the end, it often feels as though my pieces are discoveries rather than creations.

7 x 7 x 7 cm
3D printed nylon plastic

Eight identical lotus shapes interlock to form this design. The only places where they touch are six corresponding nodes, each of which incorporates four edges. The nodes correlate with the six vertices of an octahedron, and the centers of the lotuses make up its eight faces.

Tetrahedral Tangle
5 x 5 x 6 cm
3D printed steel

The design for this sculpture is comprised of twelve repeating units that weave around each other utilizing tetrahedral symmetry. Despite the overall abundance of curvature, the individual base components are flat. Three units meet at each of the four outer joints, and their opposite ends unite to form four inner trijunctions.