Gabriele Meyer

Senior Lecturer, Artist
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

I like to crochet objects involving hyperbolic surfaces and with other mathematical aspects. This year I am interested in how two surfaces can intersect each other and how surfaces self intersect.

One can make interesting illuminated sculptures this way.

visualization of complex w=z^12 crocheted around a cylinder
90 x 40 cm

This object was crocheted with polyester yarn around shaped plastic line.

First I crocheted the central cylinder. Then I crocheted a not quite regular spiral row down along the cylinder and up in a curved line back to the starting point, thus self intersecting the downward spiral in 11 locations. There were 15 such consecutive rows. In the final rows there was a slight hyperbolic crochet to make the surface wavy.

Finally I illuminated the sculpture with battery powered fairy lights.