Makiya Torigoe

Torigoeya / Japan Tessellation Design Association
Okayama, JAPAN

For more than thirty years, I have been walking around in the beautiful garden that M.C.Escher mentioned in his talk on regular division works.

"I walked around all alone in this beautiful garden, which certainly does not belong only to me, but whose gate is open to everyone." (M.C.Escher: His life and Complete Graphic Work).

His words let me know that the garden was open to me.

My art works are traces of walks in the garden by following to his words.

I keep walking around the garden to explore the beauty of tessellation by creating art works from my point of view as a design professional and a Japanese.

Ju Ten Monyousikizu: Allosaurus
30 x 42 cm
Awagami KOZO /Ink Jet Print

This work is one page of a fictional book 'Ju Ten Monyousikizu' published by Eshiya Mauritsu in 18th century.

Eschya Mauritsu is a mysterious ukiyo-e painter with his realistic tessellation drawings prior to M.C.Escher's work in 20th century.

In addition to his technique, he drew dinosaur-like animals by his imagination prior to the first discovery of dinosaur in 19th century.

It is said his imagination was inspired by a common sound of two different Japanese words, that is the sound "Ju Ten" is a homonym between tessellation and beast rotation in Japanese.

Ju Ten Monyousikizu: Spinosaurus
30 x 42 cm
Awagami KOZO /Ink Jet Print

This work is another page of a fictional book 'Ju Ten Monyousikizu'.