Tiffany C. Inglis

Computer scientist
Waterloo, Canada

I am a computer scientist with a passion for puzzles and drawing. My past research in computer graphics involved developing algorithms for creating styles of art, including pixel art and Op Art. In addition to creating mathematical art, I also practice other forms of digital art, pencil/charcoal sketches, and comic drawing.

60 x 60 x 60 cm

I have a set of geometric construction toys called Space Chips consisting of only orange dodecagons. At first, it seemed quite limiting in terms of what could be constructed, but after exploring with various ways to connect the pieces, I created a hyperbolic dodecahedron, which coincidentally matches the shape in Mathematica's logo, known as Spikey (

Max Edge Cut
12 x 12 x 12 cm

Many years ago, I encountered an interesting math problem: "Construct a polyhedron with 100 edges such that a plane can be chosen to intersect as many of its edges as possible." One solution presented was an elegant construction consisting of iteratively adding and subtracting tetrahedra to get a curved polyhedron with n edges, n-2 of which could be cut with a single plane. I modified the construction to create a more visually interesting saddle shape while retaining the desired property. This unusual polyhedron is 3D printed with the intersecting plane.

(Note that the number of edges is reduced to show details more clearly. Also )