Ulrich Seidel

Digital Artist
Mannheim, Germany

Abstract geometric patterns are fascinating with their symmetries. For me the most awsome patterns are tesselations with motives inspired by nature. I offer concepts of animation, transformation and metamorphosis that can be used to amaze people and bring them in touch with a message.

People worldwide love the feeling of being charmed by ornaments, colours and symmetries. It is amazing that complex shapes of real motives can be translated, mirrored or rotated so that they fit to each other. Foreground and background can be changed. Every outline has two meanings.

60 x 80 cm

Tesselation seems to be a concept of nature since millions of years.

These dinosaurs preferably arrange according to symmetry group pg.

70 x 70 cm

Circles meet squares. The design relates to the rosette of Notre Dame de Paris. The colours and the surrounding dark give a special feeling of harmony.

There are small rosettes in the corners - some kind of medieval fractals.