Cynthia McGinnis

Northwest Florida State College
Niceville, Florida USA

Technology has allowed us to examine mathematics visually. Through visualizations and color, we can often discern patterns that we might not have noticed before. Using digital imagery, I strive to create visual mathematical concepts. Most of what I create I consider artist play with an underlying motivation towards the ideas and philosophies of mathematics.

Cyna's Magic Square
50 x 50 cm
digital art

In "Cyna's Magic Square", each square in the design is an integer matrix. Each integer in the matrix is randomly assigned a color. The squares are reflected vertically and horizontally to create a larger square. Two squares are placed side by side to create a golden rectangle. The golden rectangle is then rotated to give the viewer a feeling of a 3 dimensional object.

Fibonacci Numbers Mod 4
47 x 43 cm
Digital Art

The digital graphic design is a matrix consisting of Fibonacci numbers. The matrix is reflected and rotated to create the underlying design. Shadows and circles are symbols of planetary nebula. Are the sphere's emerging from the center or are they being attracted by a black hole?