Felicia Tabing

Visiting Assistant Professor
Mathematics Department, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

I have been trying to think of a way to combine mathematics and art for years, and only recently have I started making math-inspired art. Since I study algebraic topology, I was often drawing a lot of pictures to visualize problems. I usually paint, sew, or work with thread to knit or crochet, but lately I've been carving blocks to generate shapes and patterns.

Genus 33
50 x 50 cm
Block Print, Ink and Paper

This print is made with modular blocks that can be printed to make different genus objects. The printed image represents a surface, with a "Z" for each hole. The mathematical part of this work was inspired by my study of topology and surfaces, and calculating homology. The layout of this print was inspired by Chinese art, Chinese knots and lattices. The red "Z" stamps were modeled after Chinese personal name seals: an owner of a work of art would stamp their seal directly onto the work. Seals on a work of art give it provenance, so the "Z" seals are meant to give insight to the surface.

Genus World
50 x 65 cm
Block Print, Ink and Paper

The print shows various layers of objects of different genus, generated by the printing blocks.