Jean Constant

Santa Fe, NM. USA

I like exploring the iconographic aspect of mathematical figures in a flat two-dimensional context. I often find unexpected and rewarding connections that I enjoy sharing with peers and the public at large. The two following images are part of the 12-30 project completed 12/2015: 12 math-visualization programs, 1 program a month, 1 image a day in each program. The original posts, respectively a) April 13 (Knotplot), and b) July 30 (Mathematica) are available at A printed version of the portfolio is also available on under the title - the 12-30 project by Jean Constant

Septafoil knot
56 x 56 x 3 cm
Dibond Aluminum

From copper powder to copper plate to a malachite prime knot of seven crossings. Copper is found in nature as a pure metal, it can also be extracted from malachite ore. According to Alexanders’ 1927 paper “Topological invariants of knots and links” the polynomial value of the 7(1) knot is 1-t+t(2)-t(3)+t(4)-t(5) +t(6). Designed in Knotplot & Adobe software.

Klein bottle
56 x 56 x 3 cm
Dibond aluminum

4Dimensional immersion of the Klein bottle. The Klein bottle is a closed nonorientable surface that has no inside or outside, Done in Mathematica from an original script by Richard Hennigan.