Jae Kyun Shin

Professor of Engineering
School of Mechanical Engieering, Yeungnam University
Kyongsan/South Korea

My drawings are based on Cellular Automata. Each of the images starts from a single seed pixel and grows like a crystal, following specific rules determined by the condition of surrounding cells at the current time step. A repetitive Markovian transformation is applied to the CA images to get the final images.

Underwater farm 1

For the image Underwater Farm 1, two rule sets are used. The first rule set determines how the basic motifs (the melons) are distributed within the canvas and the second rule set determines the shape of the motif. The image is expressed in terms of 301*195 color codes of the pixels.

Underwater Farm 2
Computer graphics

For the Underwater Farm 2, five component images were mixed. Each of the component images were generated exactly the same way as in the Farm 1. Final image is obtained as a linear combination of the color codes of the five component images.