Sharol Nau

Northfield,MN, USA

I enjoy folding the pages of a book systematically, especially based on a parabola because of an important option of placing the focus anywhere which leads to surprising shapes, arch curves that spring forward as the book opens.

Spirals naturally result in the process of folding pages sequentially with deliberate variations.

Equal Distance
22 x 15 x 20 cm
Folded Book

In the book sculpture named, Equal Distance (serendipitously the title of the novel used) a spiral of Archimedes is formed along the top edge and a cylindrical helix along the front. Furthermore, there’s an internal conical helix produced by points to which the active corners of the pages are folded.

25 x 17 x 18 cm
Folded Book

Beloved was created by matching incremental points on an edge of the pages to a common point, the focus of a parabola. The collection of folds makes an envelope to the parabola. In this case I decorated a bit by including a focus near the top complementary to one at the bottom of the page.