Hamish Todd

Graduate student
Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology, University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland
This submission is a bit unorthodox. This set of three "films" is interactive, and I would strongly appreciate it if they could be evaluated in the form they take at the website http://viruspatterns.com - there is a 5 minute introduction, and then the things I would like to show are the chapters about Hepatitis and Zika virus.

Ideally I would like to show the interactive version at Bridges Film Festival. Which is to say, it will be on my laptop, and I will play it live, while the audience sees it projected. With that said, for the places where they are to be played in a continuous loop, it is fine to use the non-interactive versions.

Because they are interactive, it can be variable how much time it takes to play them. At the festival they would take 5:00, though I am linking to videos that are a bit longer than that. If selected I would make noninteractive versions that are 5:00 long, by simply rerecording with less time spent on the interactive parts.
What does zika virus have in common with Islamic art?
Hamish Todd
This one is about the connection between Zika virus and Islamic art