Mingjang Chen

Professor of General Education
Center General Education, National Chiao Tung University
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Current research interests of mine include learning with cognitive consideration, and art with fractal flavor over the platform AMA on PowerPoint developed recently, which is an environment suitable for digital design of contents, together with its presentation. Structural Cloning Method (SCM) is among the core functions of AMA . Originated from “self-replication” and “self-similarity”, the methodology of leaping iteration based on SCM is introduced for iterated function system for drawing purpose. With this methodology, geometrical patterning include symmetrical patterns, tilling & tessellation, Escher tilling, contract mapping, Islamic pattern, classical fractal, and landscape painting can be drawn on PowerPoint friendly.

Castle emerging above clouds
35 x 70 cm

A generator consists of 4 symmetric ovals, as shown in Fig 1, a top view of a castle, as shown in Fig 3, is derived by leaping iteration, as shown in Fig 2. However, if the ovals are shifted slightly, the view derived will changed significantly, look like a complex of high tower buildings, as shown in Fig 4.

70 x 35 cm

This art work include elements like castle and cloud, reed grass flower and grass, and tree, all are prepared by the methodology of Leaping Iteration on the platform AMA + PowerPoint, showing the versatility, feasibility and operability for drawing in terms of fractals. Collaging these elements for leaping iteration purpose is interesting but challenging. Four transparency ovals form generators for cloud and castle, and five line segments form generator for grass and reed grass flower. However, initial generator for tree composes of three line segments and one stem, and then transformed into 27 transparency ovals after three direct iterations.