concealed studio

Vancouver,British Columbia Canada
Our creations are a direct relationship to our research of fractals, insects anatomy, plant cells and crystals. Composing monochrome geometries, we want to evoke viewers to experience and step in and out of fractals of imaginations and reality.

"When one looks closely at the intricate details of a leaf, an insect one perceives a hidden labyrinthine world" - concealed studio

60 x 90 cm
vellum, wood and LED lighting
5.3 was inspired by our curiosity of nature and its influence in patterns that we see day to day. We use geometrics shapes in our work to show patterns of life. Mathematics, physics and chemistry explains patterns in nature. These patterns inspired the layering and structure of the 5.3 wall art. By using traditional paper folding techniques the vellum used in the piece has no glue or tape holding it into place. All the layers gives the structure strength and works together to make its form.