Dan Bach

Math Artist / Interactive Books
Northern California, USA

I'm Dan Bach, a lifelong math nut, career teacher, and now an interactive book author and math artist. I taught in the community college system for over 30 years, and I now use Mathematica, Pixelmator, and iBooks Author to produce colorful artworks and multitouch ibooks with embedded videos and spinnable 3D math art!

Slinky Spheres
40 x 45 cm
Inkjet Print on Canvas

Twenty colored spheres are surrounded by ten greenish, slinky-like toroidal helices. The helices also follow paths traced out by linear combinations of the normal and binormal vectors to the curve joining the centers of the spheres. This makes a kind of a symbiotic-geometric relationship between the solid objects and the surrounding safety net. Do you see a pattern for the colors of the spheres? (Play with this model in 3D by going to the "More Info" link!)

Eulerian String Circuit
40 x 45 cm
Inkjet Print on Canvas

The underlying polyhedral shape is made from 18 squares and eight triangles. A path visits all the edges once and only once, returning to its original vertex. A rainbow of lines then tracks its progress along this Eulerian circuit! Follow the journey with your eyes. Can you see the squares that lie on a cube, and the triangles sitting at the corners of the cube? (This model is viewable in 3D by going to the "More Info" link.)