Hedy Hempe

visual artist
Hengelo, The Netherlands

Mathematical structures are connected with nature, art, music and poetry. Visual art is the most natural way for me to show that. I am interested in constructing objects. Writing is a way to organize my thoughts and to articulate my philosophy. Music has broadened my perception of space, time and structures. I have discovered that everything is based on personal observation. The impressionist idea is the only way for me to understand life and death; everything is a transition from one moment to another. ‘Der Zeitraum’ where intellectual perception and emotional experience come together. Only art can make that tangible. Through art, poems and music I try to express the existence of human thinking and being and the beauty of nature and life.

100 x 100 x 10 cm
Goose eggshells, acrylic paint, wood

For me, an egg is a universal shape and symbol for the origin of life and evolution. My eggshell paintings are spatial collages of goose eggshells, arranged in a mathematical structure. White on white. Light and shells create shadow effects, which makes the image graphic and dynamic. If the degree and direction of the incidence of light changes, the appearance also changes. The kinetic effect is an interplay between 3-dimensionality, geometry and light. To draw the viewer’s attention to the center first, it starts with large eggshells. The point grid of the middle part consists of equilateral triangles. This pattern contains various basic geometric shapes. The viewer discover these shapes in three directions and the spiral starts to rotate.