Jonathan Fierro

student of Architecture
College of Architecture El Paso, Texas Tech University
El Paso, Texas, USA
Jonathan Fierro an architecture student believes architecture has the power to counteract political injustices through design. Architecture is inventive and problem-solving in many ways explores the fundamental architecture relationships of structure to both form and use, encouraging a rich interplay and reciprocal dialogue between the expression of structural logic in built form and the imagined uses for infrastructural and programmed space it might enable.
Hackable Infrastructure
70 x 35 x 35 cm
Carson watercolor sheets
Exploring the migration patterns of butterflies that inhabit the bi-national landscape of the Chihuahua Desert which the region is in the path of some of the highest volumes of humans’ migration and the Monarch Butterfly Spring Trail between Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. Exploring issues of urban and wildlife habitats. Architecture would behave as an engineered device as a hacked infrastructure. The device resembles a cocoon where it will behave as a node in a larger network of support for the migrating body. The geometric logic of the cocoon constituted of a spiraling path, sectional lines, and generating railing which are represented by self-functional units. The units can interlock to a large network to create a singular body design.