Josie Martin

Maggie Walker School
Richmond, Virginia, USA

I am a student from Maggie Walker Governor's School in Virginia. I am in a math and art seminar and made this piece as a project

Binary in Color
91 x 91 cm
Plywood, house paint, acrylic paint, glue

This piece, made from plywood, house paints, and acrylic paints, shows the binary code for the numbers 1-100. All numbers can be made by adding powers of two. To make the numbers 1-100, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 are needed. For example, to make the number 53 you need the numbers 1, 4, 16, and 32. Normally, the numbers that you use are given a one and the numbers that you don’t are given a zero. The code starts with the largest number and descends, so the code for 53 would look like this: 01100101. Instead of using 0’s and 1’s to show which numbers are being used, however, I used color. The panel for 53, therefore, has yellow, blue, white, and purple. All the panels were glued onto a black board.