Mehrdad Garousi

Freelance Fractal Artist
Hamadan, Iran
Having experimented with different media, I chose mathematical fractal image making as one of the newest and most wonderful common areas between mathematics and art. Most of my fractal works of art are simultaneous combinations of traditional Euclidean and modern fractal mathematics and geometry that provide many impossible forms, things, terms, and qualities which would not be possible in lonely Euclidean or fractal mathematics or any other same areas without the aid of professional computers.
25 x 35 cm
Digital Art Print
This artwork represents a fractal interior space that its wall ornaments are inspired by Sierpinski cube structure. This work is an example of the fact that small changes in very familiar fractals can result in newer forms and it can be considered a representation of the potential of the application of very basic fractal forms in order to produce more applied fractal aesthetics particularly in fields like architecture.