S. Louise Gould

Professor Emerita
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, Connecticut, USA

My mathematical art grows out of my experiences with my students and my explorations of mathematics, textiles, paper, and technology. I enjoy working with computer controlled machines such as the computerized embroidery sewing machine and the Craft Robo (plotter cutter) as well as traditional looms and knitting machines.

68 x 59 x 1 cm
Fabric and fleece batting

With a nod to MC Escher this miniature quilt displays a portion of a quasi periodic tiling of the plane by two similar kite-shaped tiles with a scaling ratio of √(3). The irregularities in the tiling pattern appear random but the quilt reveals a transformation of the plane that maps every shape to a similar one with three times the area. The mapping rotates 150 degrees about a point inside the singled-out white tile while mapping each primitive small tile to a larger one, and each primitive large tile to a similar kite tiled with 2 large and 3 small primitive tiles. This 5-tile kite is called an "irreptile" (to distinguish it from a "reptile", which is tiled with smaller similar tiles all congruent to each other).