Samuel Verbiese

Independen visual artist
Overijse, Belgium
At last year's Family Day I presented a real size picture of a piano keyboard I played in 3D-optical instead of sonic harmonies, so devoting myself to another facet of stereograms I discovered in this longstanding pet domain of mine. I here continue in the wake of that workshop, this time in the Exhibition (where last year I fiddled an unavoidable WWW tune), to explore this vein in two graphic kinetic art directions with an urge to share these again in the Bridges community. I exploited the idea in a joyful transformation puzzle combining this keyboard with a labyrinth, other perduring pet delight; and a the other hand considering the harpsichord inverted keyboard in a French play of words as a sculpture encapsulating light & sound themes.
Graphic geometrical Transformer puzzling piano & Chartres
30 x 50 x 2 cm
glass-framed paper omputer picture
It comes from the front page of an alumni bulletin I was asked to design by first alma mater. I visually adapted a microChartres labyrinth already shared at Bridges to part of the piano keyboard, as a puzzle to cut out (
This followed a work from my research on the piano keyboard turned into a stereogram based on its interesting regular geometrical layout. I represent it here in next display as a sound-augmented picture, a special electronic device as the built-in one louding the photographed sculpture with Eric Satie's 'Vexations'. I already featured that crazy tune on a laptop at Bridges and managed to convert it from a piano recording to a computer application harpsichord sound.