Samuel Verbiese

Independen visual artist
Overijse, Belgium

After last year's Family Day where I presented a real size picture of a piano keyboard offered as a stereogram instead of a source of sonic harmonies, this time in the Exhibition (where last year I fiddled an unavoidable WWW tune...), I was asked by my first alma mater to design the front page of an issue of the alumni bulletin, where I visually adapted a microChartres labyrinth (another pet subject I already covered several times at the conference) to the central part of the piano keyboard, as a transformation puzzle. I felt urged to share this combination with the Bridges community in this Exhibition.

Graphic geometrical Transformer puzzling piano & Chartres
30 x 50 x 2 cm
glass-framed paper omputer picture

This 'work out' work (see ) is another way to capture the attention to the visual potential of the piano keyboard, based on its particular geometrical layout. If you are interested by this puzzle, for yourself or for children, please take a print of the Catalog page, cut it along the blue line as indicated by the red scissors, and fold that part along the yellow lines as shown by the lateral mages. It should fit in and complete the piano keyboard that you can then contemplate with parallel eyes to reveal its 3D effect. Then try a real keyboard for much more intensity !